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Brady Moen:

Audio Recording Engineer & Producer

I work with many genres, instruments and artists.

Anything new or different gets my attention.

So please let me know if you’re stepping into the unknown,

 I’ll step with you.

Music and I have always been good friends, but in 2007 we became intimate. That's when I started work at The Hideaway recording studio. Since then, I’ve been in the mix with god knows how many people. 

No two sessions have been the same.. despite the service I provide being the same for everybody - translating ideas into sound. It’s crazy how infinite the possibilities of manipulating a set of speakers is. It's that infinity that allows for a direct connection from who somebody is, to what kind of music they make; this is why I'm here.

Music is my main genre of sound, but I have also worked in sound design, voice-over, podcasts and live events.

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To see the studio I work out of in Minneapolis, MN, check out

To see some people and places I’ve worked with click here.